We cover a range of onsite services under one umbrella. Whether you are looking onsite services for PC and PC Peripherals, or for Gadgets and Home Appliances, we have onsite service expertise for all. You just name it and we have it! We offer services in the following categories:

Entangled with multiple wires of your PC? Don't let them confuse you any more. Just call us at +1-844-233-5447, and our Computer Engineer will solve your issues at your doorstep, with smile!

When your PC says 'No' to your command or works arbitrarily, a Driver puts it back on the right track. However, when you need to put a Driver on the right track, call us and let our expert fix the things at your doorstep.

Hardware maintenance is one of the most essential process for any computer, and getting it done by an onsite expert is even more important. So, for any of your hardware related problems, rely on our onsite services.

Upgrading your Operating System on your own might be a risky bet for your PC. Hence, getting an expert hand for the same is always suggested. And, to get an expert for your PC, contact us and we love to perform the upgrades at your doorstep.

A printer helps in keeping a business running and making your child shine bright. Don't let any printer repair or installation problem create obstacles in your growth. Call us at +1-844-233-5447 and let our printer engineer make your printer running at your doorstep!

Although a scanner seems a very simple input device, installing or repairing it needs an expert hand for sure. Furthermore, what would be more comfortable than to get your scanner installed or repaired at your doorstep. Contact us for more details.

Router keeps you connected to the world. However, connecting it with your computer might be a tricky affair. Get this done by an expert and that too at the comforts of your home. Contact us and let our engineer handle the task at your doorstep.

There is certainly no need to educate about the usage of a Fax machine. It keeps your business running, and to keep your Fax machine running at all time, rely on us! We are one of the best onsite service provider in the US. Contact us for more details.


Your smartphone is a world for you, and no one understands it better than us. This is why we offer a world-class onsite setup and repair service for your handset and that too at your doorstep. Call us and our mobile phone engineer will reach to you shortly.

A tablet is a multipurpose device and no doubt it is a favorite device for multiple hands as well, which, for sure, may result in some sort of damages to it. But, not to worry at all as we offer topnotch onsite Setup and Repair Service for all tablets.


Buying a Home Theater is easy, setting it up or repairing is not everyone's cup of tea. And, nothing would be more effective to get your home theater system setup or repaired onsite, at the comfort of your home. Contact us for more details.

Netflix is certainly a popular platform for entertainment. However, the knowledge about setting it up or repairing it, is not that much popular. But, with us, there is no need to worry, as our engineers are always ready to resolve your Netflix problems onsite.

Whether you wish to setup your new Smart TV or simply wish to get your old TV repaired, we offer complete onsite setup and repair services for all brands of televisions. Contact us to get more information.

You were about to save the whole world from a Master Villain, but suddenly an issue of Blank Screen intruded your gaming passion! No need to wait in queue at an automated service number. Get it fixed at your home. Contact us for more details.



Welcome to a world where there is no need to wait in a queue at an automated service number, and where you are not required to carry your favorite products to a service center to get it repaired, and where all your queries are solved at your doorsteps in front of you, with an everlasting smile!

We welcome you to PrimeTech. One of the most reliable and active onsite service provider for almost all products you use at your home!

From PC to PC Peripherals and from Gadgets to Home Appliances, we serve them all. Just contact us through any of the contact medium mentioned above.!

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All our service engineers are highly qualified and have years of experience in their respective field.

On Time - Every Time

Punctuality is in our gene, and we love to remain on time for every job work. Delay and Distance are not part of our dictionary.

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We are available all 365 days of a year. Contact us any day between 9 AM to 7 PM (EST).

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Our service engineers always remain equipped with all the required tools and spare parts, especially the

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is of utmost priority for us! That's why we offer assured 15 Days Money Back Guarantee, vide T&C.

Extended Warranty

It always feels good when we get more returns, that's why we offer Extended Warranty for all our Service Plans.